Our Products

TML offers a wide range of Acid Chloride products for Agro Chemicals and Pharmaceutical uses. With it's range of applications, TML is able to cater to many manufacturers in the country and across the world with suitable and required quality to all of it's customers, some of which are also made as per customer specifications. Total Installed capacity of TCAC is 15600 TPA and NATCP is 3000 TPA . Some of the major products are mentioned below:
Product CAS No. Download Specifications
  • Trichloro Acetyl Chloride ( TCAC ) – 90% Min
76-02-8 Download
  • Trichloro Acetyl Chloride ( TCAC ) – 99.5% Min
76-02-8 Download
  • Sodium salt of Trichloro Pyridinol ( NaTCP )
37439-34-2 Download
  • Chlorpyrifos – Ethyl(CPP – E)
39475-55-3 Download
  • Chloro Acetyl Chloride (CAC) - Grade I
79-04-9 Download
  • Chloro Acetyl Chloride (CAC) - Grade II
79-04-9 Download
  • Trichloro Acetic Acid ( TCAA ) – 99% Min
76-03-9 Download

Chemical Manufacturing

  • Chlorination Operations
  • Condensation Reactions
  • Sulphur Chemistry
  • Cyclization
  • Aromatization
  • Esterification
  • Transvinylation
  • Solid Handling & Processing Capabilities
  • High Pressure Reactions

Effluent Treatment Capabilities

  • Chemical Treatment, Oxidation, Aromatization of Effluents.
  • Bio Treatment in approved media and degradation.
  • Segregation of Liquid and Solid loads with heat induction and Spray Drying.
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